battery1This new 12 Volt 22 Amp battery (Mocad Max) with a unique formula for longer life. It is very important to read the following instructions.

  • On receipt of your 12 Volt 22 Amp Mocad Max battery charge the battery for 10 to 12 hours before use.
  • After a full charge (10-12 hours) un-plug the battery from both the mains and the charger.
  • Re-charge the battery for a full 10-12 hours before its next use.
    It is very important during warmer conditions to open the flap of the battery bag during charging to allow ventilation to the battery.
  • During a charge the light on the charger will turn from red to green. This does not mean that the battery is fully charged. Allow 10-12 hours for a full charge.
  • It is extremely important to re-charge the battery at least once a month. It is not good for the battery’s life to leave it un-charged for longer than a month even if it is fully charged at the outset of the month.
  • The Mocad Max battery is designed to give you the Golfer a comfortable round of golf no matter how long or how hilly the golf course is. There is a Limiter built into the controller, which will stop the battery from draining its voltage. This is a safety device to safeguard the battery as reducing the voltage in a battery below a certain level will shorten the battery’s life.
  • Keep the battery in a dry environment but away from excessive heat and cold and from dampness. The ideal environment is a garage but it should not be placed on a stone floor especially during winter months. The battery should not be kept in the booth of a car for longer than necessary.
  • The battery should not be dropped or hit against solid objects.
  • The battery is guaranteed for a full 12 months from the date of purchase.